With Christmas right around the corner I figured it was high time to share some of my absolute favourite finds that anybody will benefit from.

Read on and click on the links to do your shopping in one fell swoop 🙂

This started off as a post about 5 things I’m loving, however quickly expanded as I realized all the cool shit I’ve found lately.

Guy or girl, friend or family these will all make KILLER gifts that they will love and use everyday.


Jabra Wireless Headphones

Ok, these headphones are actually ridiculous.

I love the look of them, they feel so comfortable when on your ears (not uncomfortable or crushing) and have an 8 hour battery life. They also come with a cord to plug in just in case the battery dies on you (long plane rides, anyone?).

The noise canceling is on the best I’ve ever experienced and you can use them for calls, recording audios & voice notes and obviously rocking out to your favorite playlist at the gym. I ordered mine on Amazon.


Body Love by Kelly Leveque

This woman has changed my life so profoundly and we’ve never even met in person.

Kelly’s scientific approach to bringing your body into balance using the Fab 4 – fat, protein, fiber & greens has given me the most energy I’ve ever had, an amazing feeling of vitality and performing better than ever in my workouts.

This isn’t a diet book, it’s a complete understanding of how your body works, what hormones are responsible for those crazy cravings and how to calm them down.

Kelly’s approach is flexible, scientifically proven and most importantly addresses the issue that every single one of us has an emotional relationship with food, weather we know it or not.

She’s an expert in her field and I will be forever changed (and freed from food prison) since reading this. Thanks for sharing your gift girl ❤ I ordered mine on Amazon.


Hide & Glow Seek Spray by Fatgirl Slim 

I love this stuff! It’s a tightening tinted body spray with caffeine (FYI – caffeine is SO GOOD for your skin) and I often use as a light foundation when I’m on the run.

It has a gorgeous tint and always does the trick, I use the light/medium. You can also use it on your legs, arms, wherever you want a little extra glow. I get mine here.


Body Brush

Body brushing is one of those things that once you start doing it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

It improves circulation, prevents ingrown hairs, exfoliates and has been shown to reduce cellulite (HELLO!).

There’s brushes you can use in the shower and brushes you can use once you’re toweled off, this one is my absolute fav.


New Wash by Hairstory


So this is the best kept hair secret EVER!

The founder of Bumble and Bumble created Hairstory and New Wash is their signature product.

It’s an all in one – that’s right – a shampoo and conditioner blended together.

When I first heard that I had a 6th grade flashback. Umm Yikes.

However, I was blissfully surprised. I’ve been going blonder and blonder lately and the only way I’ve been able to maintain amazing texture and minimal damage is because of this product.This product has no detergents whatsoever in it so it doesn’t strip your hair or scalp.

I’ve been told by a few stylists that I’ll have to change it up and use this moisturizing shampoo or that hiar mask (which I’ve tried) but nothing compares to this stuff.

When you put it in your hand it’s an off white colour and is the the texture of a light conditioner.

For application, put enough to coat the top of your hair and then work it into you scalp for 30 seconds. Leave it for a minute or so and then work it into your scalp again. When you rinse make sure to squeeze your hair to ensure you got it all out, otherwise it could leave a slightly oily residue.

This stuff is so gentle you could even remove your makeup with it.

Oh and PS – it smells like heaven.


ZO Ossential Advanced Radical Night Repair

Let’s talk skin! The two skin tips that have never steered me wrong are to use sunscreen every day and use retinol. This night repair serum is pure magic, here’s why:


  • High potency microencapsulated retinol: Stimulates epidermal renewal and collagen production, and helps even skin tone
  • Vitamins C, E and A, edelweiss and marubium vulgare plant stem cells: Provides multiple antioxidant protection to prevent future skin aging
  • Zanthoxylum bungeanum (sichuan pepper) fruit extract, sunflower seed oil and rosemary leaf extract: 
Anti-irritant complex suppresses inflammation and redness to restore a more youthful skin tone
  • Glycerin and plukenetia volubilis seed oil: Hydrates and restores the skin barrier with essential lipids 
to reverse dry, dull skin


Apply it over top of whatever moisturizer or oil you use at night, start with twice a week and gradually increase from there.

Initially you might see some dryness and a bit of peeling which is normal. I would commit to using it for 6 months to see full spectrum results.

My favourite place to stock up on these products is at The Vanity Lab,  you can swing by if you’re in Vancouver, otherwise you can always order online.


Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I cannot get enough of this book lately!

Tim is someone I regard highly in the sense that he values the process of figuring out what works.

He’s taken guests from his top rated podcast and tons of others who basically run the world.

This book will hit you right in the feels, you’ll love 20%, resonate with 30% and might not relate to the rest but it’s worth it my friends.

Fantastic questions and insightful answers. Tim, you son of a bitch, you nailed it again. I ordered my copy here.


Gina Leggings by Posto9Activa

This one JUST made the cut as they arrived only a few days ago.

Posto9Activa is an athletic apparel brand based out of London that will be taking over North America in no time.

Their Gina leggings are actually like a second skin – so comfortable and flattering. I’ve never felt material like this before, it’s so light!

Get yours here and use the promo code ‘LifeDecoded’ at checkout for 20% off your order 🙂

 Magic Mount (Pro Vent)

Last but DEFINITELY not least, this little guy is the best!

Easy to use, lightweight and small, it clips on to any air vent in your car and your phone magneticailly sticks to it so you’re not a hazard on the road.

I was so skeptical if this actually worked, but I tried it, and IT DOES! Even with a case on, the magnet holds my phone in place so I know where I’m going…most of the time

Get yours on amazon here.

Happy shopping lovelies! Got any killer finds that you use every day that I missed? As always comment below or reach out via Instagram.