If you haven’t heard of Ashley Resch, you’re definitely missing out. This girl is not only a fitness powerhouse, but also has an incredible hustle & drive towards making the world a better place. If you’re struggling with finding your place in the world, getting started on a fitness routine or finding your ‘why’ in life, definitely go look her up.


Just to give you an idea on her accomplishments so far…


  • Nationally published model, appearing in Sports Illustrated, The Chive and Bro Bible just to name a few 



  • Founder of BBM Charities and Community 


Ashley has amassed an incredible knowledge of fitness, business skills and an amount of character that shines through in her upbeat conversational tone. It’s clear that this 21 year old hasn’t always had the easiest life, however she’s come out on top with a fire nobody can put out.


Here’s the top 5 takeaways from my conversation with Ashley.


Her Ability to Stay True to Herself


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When Ashley was 16 she was having issues with bullying and was overall in a bad place. Despite knowing within herself that she was a good person, having people around you that relay that type of negativity will take its toll on anyone. Ashley credits her parents for giving her the support to get through the time, “they would ask me why I was so concerned with what people thought when I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong,” Ashley explained, “it gave me this whole new perspective on having to stay true to myself & what I knew was right.”

I absolutely love this insight because it shows how overcoming difficult situations can help you become more grounded in who you are and your ability to know what’s right for you. We’ve all fallen victim to caring what others think a little too much, and having something like this happen seems like it helped Ashley realise very early that although what others think matters, your truth is most important.

Is there anything in your life you’re holding back from because of how you’ll be perceived? Is there anything you would love to share with people but fear how your family, friends or spouse will react? We’ve all been there, and getting to that place where you can let that go, letting others have their own opinions without it ruining your day, is pretty damn sweet.

“Regardless of whether people see it as a good decision or a bad decision, it’s your decision to make.” I love this quote from Ashley.


How Ashley Found Fitness


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Ashley was always active in her youth, playing soccer and doing participating in Celtic dance. Being a fit and active teen quickly changed when she left high school & stopped doing her regular activities.

“I went from being thin 110lbs to 130 lbs. It wasn’t so much the weight but the fact I had so much energy & no outlet for it,” she explained, “when I first started at the gym I had no idea what I was doing. I would cycle between cardio machines & feel unsure about my routine. It wasn’t until I met some friends who showed me how to properly lift weights that I started seeing real results and my love for working out flourished.”

I think everybody wants to look good in their body. Everybody wants to have great energy, feel good and feel attractive. Weather that happens for you through exercise is up to you, but as someone who LOVES working out I can definitely say it’s one of the best ways to not only mould your body into the shape you desire but truly appreciate it along the way. It’s hard not to feel grateful for your body after it’s just taken you through 20 minutes of intense sprints or 3 sets of challenging deadlifts, EVEN if it doesn’t look the way you want it to yet. The mind body connection is real, you can’t be thinking negative thoughts about how you look and expect your body to react in a positive way.

One of Ashley’s favourite quotes is “positive mind = positive life” and I couldn’t agree more.


Health Staples


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All this talk about exercise had me dying of curiosity as to what Ashley’s tips & tricks are.

“Diet is key,” she began, “I don’t believe you have to be perfect but I do know that if I’m working out 7 days a week but not eating well I won’t have the body I want. The best thing is to adjust the foods you’re eating but don’t go too far. You shouldn’t be cutting down to 1000 calories a day because it’s hard on you and usually won’t last.”

I really like the point she brings up about changing what you’re eating. One of the challenges most people face when starting a health routine is feeling deprived, by changing what you’re eating it doesn’t restrict you on quantity but simply replaces chips with carrots, cream with almond milk, etc.

“In my workouts, I found that targeting one body area wasn’t very effective for me,” she continues, “I love workouts where my entire body is sore afterwards. I want to feel like I worked everything. I love including cardio in there as well.”

I can completely relate to this, I’ve always found in my workouts that low intensity, targeted workouts didn’t yield the same results as the high impact interval style of training combining sprints, weights and body weight exercises. There’s always room for tweaks & improvement on this, but as a general framework there’s few people that don’t see results from this.

If you’re looking to get into shape and (like me), you find having that extra motivation helps a great option is to look at group classes. I swear by them, and particularly love OrangeTheory’s heart rate based workouts.


All About Diet


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Obviously, exercise gets you primed mentally but what about Ashley’s diet? I really loved what she had to say here and learned a few things;

“Because I’m so active and always running around I can overindulge in food sometimes,” she explained.


“What I find works for me is intermittent fasting. I eat for 10 hours and then fast for 14. If I have my first meal at 9am I stop eating after 7pm. I love this because I’ll adjust it to what I have going on that day, so if I have dinner plans on the weekend I’ll wait until 11am or noon to start eating. Or if I wake up really hungry I’ll have my first meal at 7:30 and stop eating at 5:30. You have to work with your body.”

So, what does she allow herself during the 14 hours of no food?

“I’ll have water, black tea or black coffee,” she explained.

Personally, I’ve never tried intermittent fasting before, but I have heard of all the benefits of it. Since Ashley told me about this I’ve been following the same routine, eating for 10 hours and fasting for 14 and I have to say I really like it. There was one night I ended up eating something right before bed and found it really interrupted my sleep pattern and I didn’t feel as refreshed the next day.

“In terms of the actual foods, I stay away from red meat and make sure to include lots of veggies,” she continued, “I think it’s important to get used to healthy foods. I genuinely love lemon juice on my salad instead of decadent dressings, I love eggs and learning new ways of making healthy foods delicious.”

“Generally, I’ll pick one day per week and fast for 24 hours. During this time, I’ll have water, black coffee, tea & BCAA’s.”

I LOVE the idea of giving your body a chance to reset and focusing on hydration for one day a week. Even if you only did this twice/month I believe it would be massively beneficial. Fasting has loads of health benefits, one of the reasons we lose our appetite when we’re sick is so our body gets a break from the energy used for digestion.

Ashley’s last tip is water. She sticks to a minimum of 3.5L/day, no wonder her skin glows!


The Boss Babe Movement


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Ashley was always into fitness and felt like there is a judgement factor for people going to the gym and not knowing what to do. “The unfortunate thing about the stigma of the exercise community is the people who often need it most are made to feel the most uncomfortable at the gym” she explained.

To be honest, I can relate to this. When I first started working out I was unsure how to use the equipment, if I was doing it right and what exercises to focus on.

The boss babe movement is created to be a place that women could come for fitness tips, tricks & strategies. The main purpose to help make the gym, fitness, diet and everything in between a little less scary & way more fun and interactive.

“Having a community that supports you could help you get over that hump of being new & embarrassing yourself because you have someone to talk to about it,” Ashley explains, “this is intended to be somewhere where people can live their lives. If you want pizza one night have pizza, and then talk to other girls about how they achieve balance as well.”

When I asked Ashley what her advice would be to anyone first starting out at the gym, she made a really good point.

“You’ll rarely find a place as positive as the gym environment,” she began, “most of the time if people seem cold they’re just focused on their workouts. Don’t be scared to ask for help or advice.”

Having done this before, I can definitely attest to the fact that very rarely are people judgemental, more often than not they’re more than happy to help.

Ashley is by far one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with. Her love of fitness combined with savvy marketing skills make for a killer combination. If you haven’t already, check out Ashley on Instagram, Facebook & don’t forget about Boss Babe Movement on Instagram & Facebook as well.