It’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted something like this, but with the holidays coming up I wanted to share a little secret that’s worked for me and transformed my body.


Let’s say that you are deciding between consuming 90 calories of almonds or 90 calories of soda. Same amount of calories, right? Shouldn’t be too big of a variation in terms of what could happen with that.


Of course there is a difference with what your body is going to do with these 2 different sources of fuel. But the most important thing I want to get at is NOT that you should never have soda again, but to pay attention to what your body is asking for.


If you’re craving soda, your body is asking for SUGAR (it has to be, because that’s basically the only ingredient in it). If you’re craving almonds, your body is asking for fats, protein & fiber.


See the correlation?


The thing I want to get across here is that I don’t want you to condemn any foods EVER! From now on, everything you put in your body is ok. What I want you to condemn is the state of feeling guilty about the foods you do (or don’t) eat.


What I mean by this is simple.


You’re on a diet and you’re eating raw broccoli as opposed to the pasta you wish you could be eating. You’re almost cursing the vegetables as you feel forced to consume them. Despite the fact that you intellectually know that broccoli is good for you (all the vitamins and shit), the positive effects of the food will NOT be reflected in your body when you’re in a mindset of frustration or lack.


When the mind and the body aren’t in sync (basically meaning they’re not respecting or listening to each other), it doesn’t matter what you’re eating or how hard you’re working out– things will not work.


You’ll be constipated, develop acne, create hormonal imbalances, get bloated, have diarrhea, low energy, weight gain or inability to gain weight.


The reason I know this is because how you think and speak about your body is as important as how you would handle a relationship. If you were dating somebody and said:

“Hey, I think you’re awesome and it looks like we’re stuck together. From now on I would really prefer  you to behave a certain way because it makes me feel more valuable and loved. When you don’t behave that way I’m going to be very upset and probably put a bunch of strict rules in place to bring you back to where I want you to be – so I can feel better. And please keep in mind that even when you are perfect I may be worried about times you weren’t perfect and bring that up in conversation with our friends. So we cool?”


Fuck no you’re not cool!


No person in their right mind would ever date somebody like that. So my challenge to you is to treat your body like you’re trying to build a relationship with it. Be kind to it, give it the benefit of the doubt, respect it and show your body it’s valued.


You could do this in so many ways – take 5 minutes out of every day and acknowledge everything your body does right (it can be as simple as blinking, beating heart, etc), have a hot bath, do a breathing exercise, dry brush your body or simply rub your tummy and say “I love you, tummy”.


This may sound corny,  I get that, but my guess is, you’re looking for a way to enjoy your life & the body you’ve been given, just like everyone else. So give corny a shot. Or don’t, and stop reading.


Your relationship with your body & what you put in it should be a top priority, way above any specific type of diet or workout regime.


Doing the work around this will not only transform the way that you think about yourself and your body, but your entire relationship around food and exercise. It’s amazing we find ANYTHING to eat nowadays! Everything has a book written about it, a warning sign on it or was just named the new superfood and you should only be eating that. The peace of mind that comes when you having this type of trust cuts through all that bullshit.


I know I’m not going to take everyone along with me on this post, and I totally respect if you have had success with following a certain type of diet or a certain type of exercise regime. What I would argue is that through that form of action, you gained what I’m talking about. You gained the confidence, expectation & trust that what you were doing would produce the results you desired.


I also understand this might seem insanely unrealistic to some people. “How can I trust myself when I’ve had these up and down results? How am I supposed to be happy with my body right now when I hate it?”


I get it. I’ve been there. Here’s the thing – trusting things will get better in ANY situation is scary as fuck. It’s basically letting go of control. I’m not saying to let go of control forever, I’m saying loosen the reins a bit until you have an impulse, a conversation or a realization that points you in a direction that feels right. Then trust that feeling. I know, it’s scary. I know, it’s not scientifically proven. I know, it’s not the next superfood. I guess I’m just asking you trust me 😉

Regain that clarity within yourself and being certain that you know what’s best for your body and break the cycle of negative momentum.


This also means trusting your body and what it’s asking for – if you want sugar have a bit of sugar. If you aren’t hungry but it’s a time you normally would eat at just have water instead and don’t worry about weather you’ll be hungry later. Take it as it comes. When it comes to how you think about your figure, you must be kind and patient with yourself about this process – it will take time! You’ve been thinking these limiting thoughts for a while and they’re not going to stop right away.


So this holiday season, when you reach for another egg nog or that dessert, make a pact that you are going to feel great about this decision! You’re going to love this dessert, appreciate every bite.


When you think the first thought about feeling guilty about what you ate (which you will) laugh at yourself and say “that’s hilarious I used to think that way. I’m not gonna go there anymore.” Repeat this process until you don’t go there anymore. With doing this, you will find it much easier to appreciate the broccoli that comes onto your plate in the same way.


Just to give you a reassurance that this works, take a look for yourself: