I have a confession.

I absolutely fucking love this girl.

Corrie has been a dear friend for the past 5 years and is someone I’ve always respected. She has a love for life that is infectious, the best laugh in the world and always has great tips and tricks up her sleeve.

Not only is she a kick ass human being, she also is an internationally published model (featured in FHM, Inside Fitness & more), national level bikini competitor in ABBA and an AMAZING personal trainer.

Corrie had so much to say that I let her take the reigns on this, everything included is in her words, I don’t feel like I needed to add anything!

Read on my friends, read on.

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1. What made you make the transition into getting serious about diet & fitness?

It all started 4 years ago when I decided to compete in my first ABBA(Alberta Bodybuilding Competion) show. I always had an interest in working out and the art of training to sculpt your body, and I knew that if I had a show to prepare for within a specific time frame I would have to push myself harder than I ever had before.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into or that it would completely change the direction of my life.

After my first show I had fallen in love with the sport of bodybuilding, I decided that I wanted to learn more and keep excelling in fitness.

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2. How did you know you wanted to help others hit their fitness goals?

I have always loved helping others learn but I initially got into personal training because I wanted to learn more about the body and how to train properly so that I could keep growing mentally and physically.

I started my company, 2BFA, a couple years ago and it’s been growing strong ever since.

It was in my training that I developed my motto “Strong Mind, Strong Body”.

Learning how to help others obtain there fitness goals I realized that without the right mindset it is impossible to reach a goal…in anything in life really…but specifically with reaching your fitness goals. The more I learned how to expand my mind and body in fitness, the more I wanted to share my secrets with as many people as I could through my training.

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3. What advice would you give to others looking to get into fitness/bodybuilding?

The main thing I would tell people first is to REALLY do your research on finding a good prep coach for your show.

Having gone through 3 coaches myself and learning throughout this journey, I can tell you why its so important:

A lot of coaches are just out there to make a quick buck, pump out as many clients as they can, don’t care about your individual needs or about how they could be ruining your metabolism or even worse. You want to look for a good reputable coach who takes into consideration your medical history, your experience level, and a coach who has a good reputation of helping clients reach there bodybuilding goals on a healthy level.

Another thing would be to prepare for after your show.

After a 24/16 week prep of strict dieting and training it can be easy to throw the books out as soon as your shows done or to develop an eating disorder.

Setting yourself up with a good coach who provides a reverse diet and setting post-show goals can help majorly with adjusting back into a regular day to day life routine again.

Most importantly I think you should always go into the show with the intent of doing the best YOU can do.

A lot of people can get discouraged when they don’t place as well as they had expected and rule it out as a waste of time, but you should never think that way.

This is the best shape you have ever been, you have grown as a person and theres always room for improvement, so learn from it, and come back again to show them what your made of!

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4. What were your biggest struggles in the beginning?

The biggest struggle for me in the beginning was honestly having the guts to say “I know basically nothing but I’m here and willing to learn.”

Being ok with starting at the bottom.

I am definitely a person who likes to be the best they can be in whatever it is that I do so being so new to an industry was very scary.

Once I felt it out, gained more knowledge in training diet and exercise I began to lose that feeling but it was a struggle for me and a lot of days I felt like I wouldn’t be good enough to help someone.

I continued to grow by putting myself around those who inspired me and over time I learned a lot from them.

When I started helping others I was surprised at the response I received from others who had reached out for my help. My advice is to keep learning , expanding and putting yourself in situations that challenge your comfort zone ….that’s where you grow the most!

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5. What are your biggest struggles now?

I wouldn’t say I have lots of struggles.

Over time I’ve learned to see the struggles as road blocks that help me grow and challenge me to maybe seek out an alternative path or to try something new.

If I were to address these road blocks, I’d say one is trying to keep people motivated about progress when they haven’t seen it yet.

This is very black and white for me because I know that persistence and dedication WILL one hundred percent get you results.

The problem most people have is believing it before they see it. They don’t see greatness within themselves even when I can. Learning to keep different people motivated and progressing through times of doubt was and still is a road block I deal with , but it has also taught me so many things about how and what motivates different kinds of people….again helping me grow.

This is why I love training…they think they are the only one learning and growing when in fact they are helping me out as well!

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6. What are some tried & true tips & tricks to help people accelerate their weight loss/fitness journey?

One of the tips I actually live by is intermittent fasting .

Its something I learned off of a very respected trainer and I have adopted it into my own lifestyle and programs. It’s basically a diet with periods of fasting (not eating for a certain amount of time) and it’s used for a number of health benefits including weight loss.

Fasted (meaning no food eaten before) cardio workouts right when I wake up has been a ritual of mine for over 2 years now and it’s something I tell all my clients and even friends to consider.

Not only is it a great way to boost your metabolism and blast fat, it is also a great time to think about your day ahead and to mentally plan on how to be the most productive.

I also like to use this time to show gratitude in my life so that after my walk/ run I feel great mentally and physically!

One of my biggest tips and probably most surprising to a lot of people, is to physically listen to those who inspire you daily.

You can do this while your working out in the morning, before you go to bed, or even on your lunch break.

Whenever it is it must be done! Listening to stories and even motivational videos that inspire you to get better everyday will keep you moving when you feel like you want to quit.

It’s so important to keep expanding your mind in the process of changing your lifestyle for the better. A few of my all time favourites are Eddie Pinero who has a you tube page called “your world within”, Tony Robbins , Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Mel Robbins and Robin Sharma.


Now for some rapid fire questions…


What are you most grateful for right now?

Everyday I wake up grateful that I am healthy, happy and alive.

As a person who practices gratitude everyday this question is almost hard for me to answer!

I am grateful for everything that happens in my life good or bad because I know it will either help me grow or I will learn something valuable from it.

I guess if I had to narrow it down I would say I’m very grateful for the people in my life. The friends and network I have around me is something I feel blessed by daily and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Who would be the person you want to have dinner with most in the world and why (can be someone dead or alive, real or fictional)?

I’m kind of a nerd this way I suppose because I’m sure lots of people would say one of the Kardasians or some famous athlete, but mine is honestly a motivational speaker who has literally helped me push through a lot in my life in the past years.

Whether it was a killer prep I had to get through or that cardio I just didn’t want to get up for, this guy has inspired me and continues to motivate me still.

I mentioned him earlier but his name is Eddie Pinero and his YouTube channel is called “Your World Within”.

I’d want to sit down with him just to personally thank him for helping me grow over the years and to just pick his brain on everything from how he got started to how he plans on progressing in the future. He’s definitely worth checking out !


What thing/person/place energises you the most & why?

Modelling has always been a huge motivator for me and has always been a passion of mine. The fact that I can sculpt my body into the one I want,with the knowledge I have gained, is very exciting an it fits so perfectly with my love of modelling in the fitness industry.

Knowing that I can look good, feel good and jump in front of a camera with complete confidence is something I can say I’m very proud of!

It truly motivates me to keep pushing harder in the gym so that I can at my best when I get in front of that camera!

To see more of Corrie, check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat under cbrooks1987.  For bookings or collaborations you can email her at: corrielynn@gmail.com