Paige Nicole Hudson is an amazing example of someone who takes consistent action towards what she wants despite adversity. Just to give you sneak peak, here’s some of her accomplishments to date:

Ms. Playboy Social 2014

Host coffee talk with Paige on Jess FM

Producer at Jess FM

TV Host for Shaw TV

Successful modelling career

Won a spot on the Bud Light cruise 3 times

Graduated as a master esthetician from school in Utah

She is a self-taught guitarist and pianist

Advocate for Cannabis Culture


The first thing obvious about Paige is her calm and steady demeanor. She seems to be someone who can roll with the punches as easy as she can throw them. Having a big dream while hailing from the small town of Welling, Alberta, (pop: 100 people), I was eager to hear how her journey unfolded as she made a name for herself in the modelling world, hosts & produces her own radio show, hosts a TV show and thrives as a dedicated mom. This girl has her shit together!

I was taken aback by Paige’s ability to mold her dreams into reality. This is someone who is so solid in who she is and has managed to stay true to herself since a very young age. She embodies a strength and a steadiness that I am INSANELY envious of.

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Here are the top 5 lessons I learned from Paige:


  1. Stay true to what makes you happy


Paige talks about how she was always a bit ‘different’ as a kid and was perceived as being dramatic. Being from such a small town, I can only imagine how marching to the beat of her own drum would attract unwanted comments and attention. Paige experienced bullying while attending school in neighbouring towns of Magrath & Raymond. Seeing her now, it shows how strong it’s made her. If you’ve ever been described as ‘weird’ or ‘different’, don’t worry, you’re in good company. She reinforces the power of using your imagination as she was always dreaming and creating the reality she wanted. Weather it was doing photo shoots with disposable cameras or simply envisioning herself as a successful model, this is no secret when it comes to people who are successful. Everyone can use their imagination, so why not imagine yourself living the life that would leave you totally happy and fulfilled? It might just happen.


2.  Don’t worry about the end result, just do what you love and let the rest fall into place


Paige openly talks about how she pursued what she loved, primarily being modelling, and had no idea that would lead to hosting and producing her own radio show. She experienced criticism from people closest to her and had everyone questioning her motives for getting into the arts. It wasn’t until years into her career that others started to clue into the fact that this wasn’t doing this for attention or empty compliments, but rather her love of working with artists and being a part of the expression of a vision for a brand. If you have something you love to do but there are people who don’t believe in it, stay steady and trust that as long as YOU know where you’re going, it will work out. I love how Paige seems to have always known that she would forge a path in the modelling world while never condemning people who didn’t see her intentions, simply accepting that they couldn’t see her vision yet.

Well shit, that’s impressive.

She seems to have this inner wisdom that has been there right from the beginning. It makes me think about the many times I second guessed myself when I would hear criticism in regards to something I was doing, followed by that feeling of a part of myself being crushed. Don’t let someone else tell you what’s right for you! Allow others to have their ignorance without taking it personally.


3. Images can be deceiving


One point Paige illustrates really well is how hard the modelling industry can be on people. The difference between meeting someone face to face vs. seeing a photo of them is something we often forget until it’s right in front of us. So many times, we’re quick to judge what we think someone will be like based on their image. Think of all the opportunities you’re depriving yourself of by these flash judgements! I don’t think it’s realistic to expect yourself to be free of judgement, however, catching yourself when you think a negative thought is a daily practice anyone can implement.


When I heard her talk about this, I think back to an interview I watched featuring Sir Richard Branson; when the interviewer asked him what he thought the key to success was, Richard answered “never speak negatively of other people.” Totally not what I was expecting to hear.  This seems to be a common belief of people who have created the life they want.


4. Consistency is key


This woman is an incredible example that if you believe in yourself and stay true to what you love to do, you’ll break through walls and leave others gawking in amazement. When people were telling her to ‘go get a real job’ or ‘that’s just dreaming, nobody from a small town will be a bigtime model’, she allowed them to keep their opinions without deviating from her passion.


If there is something you want to do but haven’t put it into action yet, start with small, consistent steps to move yourself towards it. For example, if you’ve always dreamed of being an actress sign up for a free trial acting class, start researching your idols and how they got started. Anything to take yourself out of the fear of trying mode. Paige has managed to build a successful career one step at a time, without letting herself get into the trap of paralysis by analysis.

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  1. You are what you consume


Paige knew something was wrong when she was in university feeling unmotivated & sleeping her days away. Introducing cannabis to her daily routine, despite being controversial, is something that has helped her stay focused, improved her self-discipline and makes her an overall happier and healthier person. If you notice you have something that isn’t working in your life, do some research on what’s out there and try something new. The results may be a different from what you expect! The quality of your life comes down to the emotions you live in every day, if you’re experiencing anything less than happiness, it’s worth a look at what could be a catalyst to move you forward.


If you want to learn more about Paige, you can find her on Snapchat under MsPaigeNicole,  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make sure to check out her show as well, Coffee Talk with Paige on Jess FM.