Everyone has a human superpower. Everyone has something they are abnormally good at that comes naturally. If you can’t think of one off to the top of your head, think about something that’s always come easy to you that you truly enjoy – it could be your ability to communicate complicated topics, your perfect timing for jokes, your aptitude to deal with change, your beautiful singing voice, your acting skills, your talent for the cello or killer football skills.

Everyone has one and if you can’t think of yours, think of compliments you’ve received and you’ll probably notice a pattern. Your human superpower is something that comes naturally to you, it shouldn’t be something that you have to work at. If there is work involved it’s work you love doing.

Now that you have an idea of what yours is, take a look at the big picture. Is your career helping you share your gift? Do you use it for the powers of good? Do your close friends and family know that you’re passionate about doing things that involve exercising your gift? Do they even know you have that gift?

The reason I’m asking these questions is because – wait for it – maybe your gift isn’t for you. Maybe you were just given it to help others realise theirs.

Have you ever had someone who profoundly changed your life? Of course there’s the obvious answers to this like Oprah, Tony Robbins or Serena Williams. However, what about the teacher that cared and took extra time to help you? What about the friend who told you how good you were at something and put their insecurities aside? What about the coach that pushed you beyond what you thought was possible? I refer to these as micro vs macro influencers. My macro influencers are people I have been in direct contact with, they got into my soul and changed the person I was at the time. Micro influencers are people who I haven’t met but have had an impact on how I conduct myself. Who are your macros and micros? It’s so valuable to have both, as macro influencers seem to come when they come, whereas micro influencers can be found  via books, You Tube, blogs and documentaries whenever you need them.

Now, this next questions is important – Why did the the macro influencer mean so much? Really ask yourself why. Did they teach you something you live by today? Did they teach you how to set new limits? What was it that was so special?

Imagine if that macro influencer, the one that really changed your life, had decided it was stupid to be a teacher when they can make more money being an investment banker. What if someone has teased them when they were a kid and they got insecure and didn’t pursue their true calling? What if they had one too many rejections and never tried again? How would your life be different? Where would you be now?

Now think about your gift. Would the world be a better place if people could see you do it full out, if they could learn from you, be inspired from you, coached by you, learn your journey and become a better person because of you? Would your community be a better place if you could incorporate your gift into it? Would your friends and family be better? Your church? Your intimate relationships?

If there’s something stopping you from doing what you’re passionate about – STOP BEING SO SELFISH. Your gift isn’t for you. It’s there for you to give back to the world. The same way we all had mothers who went through a severe amount of discomfort to bring us into the world, it’s our turn to get over our fears, insecurities & worries and give what we have back.

Now I know this sounds peachy, but what if you have real, tangible roadblocks in your way?

Don’t have enough money?

There has never been another time when we’ve had more platforms to communicate your message for free. Just a side note –  How many people know about your vision? If you were able to communicate it in a crystal clear way, do you think that’s something people would be excited in investing in or volunteering their time towards? Only one way to find out.

You’re not good enough (yet)?

Have you done everything you can do to get as ready as you can be right now? If the answer is no, go do that stuff. If the answer is yes, it’s time to get brave and take a risk. Or don’t, and stay the same. It’s working well right? 😉

Scared of changing?

I get this, because we all are. You have to remember, it’s not about you. There’s a whole world of people who are scared and need you to share your gift to help get them through. Fear seems to dissipate when you realise there’s a purpose for what you’re doing beyond personal gain.

Just forget about yourself for a minute. It changes everything.