So, have you guys ever heard of sleep headphones? Essentially, they’re flat speakers that can be put in headband with  flat bluetooth device that can turn it on and adjust volume (see photos).

Ever since I can remember, I always fell asleep easier when I had something to listen to. Weather it was a creaky floor or an audiobook playing in the background, it just seemed to help me drift off. This led to a night time routine of having different audiobooks & meditations on my phone that I would put on at a low volume when I went to bed.

However, when you start sharing a bed with someone who needs quiet to sleep (damn those silent sleepers) this can become a bit of an issue. I tried using different varieties of ear buds & regular headphones but they were always uncomfortable and annoying. I tried sleeping with no noise at all, and although that was fine on some nights when I was really tired, if I still had a busy  mind it just led to hours of tossing & turning.

Enter – sleep headphones. I found these on Amazon and decided to give them a try. I got the Acoustic Sheep ones because they had bluetooth capabilities & had the best reviews. Insider tip – if you’re looking at buying these MAKE SURE they say ‘bluetooth capabilities’. There’s lots out there that need to be plugged in and then you’re dealing with the mess of wires & what not. Acoustic Sheep is an AWESOME company by the way! I had issues with one speaker not working, within 24 hours of contacting them they mailed me out replacements free of charge (no need to return the defective one) and made communication so easy. Personally, that kind of service is worth the $20 I would’ve saved going with the cheaper version.

These are super easy to pair with any device, have a great bluetooth range and allow me to sleep comfortably while having a mediation or audiobook playing. I even use them if I’m cleaning the house and want to listen to something since they stay put so well.

In short, whoever invented these is an amazing genius.

AS sleepheadphones