Have you ever wondered what causes those headaches you get throughout the day? Do you wake up with stiff hamstrings, neck or shoulders? Although yoga, stretching and foam rolling can be of major benefit, the problem could be in your bed.

No no, not that ūüėȬ†

As someone who exercises regularly, you get to know the difference between ‘sore after a workout’ pain and that chronic tightness where there’s something more going on. One thing that’s been consistently bugging me is upper back/neck¬†tightness. I found myself doing neck stretches almost every morning trying to bring relief to my shoulders & traps, and if I didn’t do them it wouldn’t be long before I felt repercussions.¬†

I started doing research into what to be causing this, low and behold one of the top reasons for neck & shoulder pain is the wrong pillow. I found a couple great videos (this one stood out for me) that highlighted the benefits of a proper pillow, and made me aware of where my conventional one was lacking. 

After doing some more digging, I found the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow. I have never even heard of a water base pillow before looking into this, but the reviews were second to none and I decided to give it a shot. 

I honestly can’t recommend it enough. It’s a plush pillow on the side that you lay your head onto, and the water goes into the other side/bottom¬†of the pillow (a specific pouch inside, as per the photo). You can adjust how much water you put in¬†based on if you prefer¬†your pillow soft, medium or firm. It feels AMAZING. Seriously. My upper back and traps aren’t as stiff anymore and I feel an improvement in sleep quality as well AND it gives me that happy ‘Ahhhhhhh :)’ feeling every time I lay down.¬†


Mediflow pillow


Here are 8 Benefits of Sleeping with a Water Pillow:

1) No fluffing! It maintains its shape no matter what. 
2) The water base conforms to your head and neck because it allows you to choose soft, medium or firm.
3) It doesn’t move! Having the water weight inside of it makes sure it¬†stays put throughout the night, even if you move around.
4) It relaxes your upper back and shoulders by supporting your neck in proper position.
5) It comes with a one year warranty.
6) Keeps your head elevated throughout the entire night, reducing puffiness and helps lymphatic drainage.
7) Lessens interruptions when sleeping because of support and stability.
8) Increases energy and improves skin by having an uninterrupted sleep.
¬†Do you have any hacks you’ve stumbled upon¬†that have blown you away? Comment below ūüôā