Alright friends, so I wanted to write a post on staying productive while in a time of transition or change. This could be while you’re on vacation, preparing to move to a new place or even starting a new career path. People who are close to me know my entire life has been one big transition for the past year and a half (and it’s not stopping anytime soon😅). Although it can make for some good Facebook posts it can also be SUPER annoying when you’re a person who loves consistent routine & have to learn a whole new way of operating. However, learning means growth and I believe there’s a lesson in everything if you’re willing to look for it. I think I could give 13,456 little tips on what’s helped but here are the top 4 that have worked for me.

1. Get used to writing shit down 

I mean everything! Write down what time you’ll wake up tomorrow, weather you’ll have food or if you need to go get it, if you want to do a small workout put that in there. This will show you when you’re making yourself too busy as well as when you’ll have a free block of time. This will also help keep you on track. When you’re traveling or in a new place it can be easy to get caught up in having a few cocktails at lunch (please don’t deny yourself this at least once) and the rest of the day is a write off. Too much fun will make you bored and too much work will make you anxious; so having a laid out plan for the day will help you stay motivated and be productive with your time. When you’ve got stuff to do, weather it’s work or personal goals do it 100% and when it’s time to relax then you get to relax 100%. Where you are mentally is half the battle, writing stuff down is an easy way to manage that. For help with this look up bullet journaling, this is such an easy way to keep yourself organised and all you need is a notebook.

2. Be prepared 

Sooo chances are you’re going to be in a new area, starting a new business venture or maybe you’re moving to an entirely new country. Either way take 20 minutes and research this new endeavour! Look up people who have been there/done it and read what they wrote or watch their video about what they did or what they wish they would have done. One of the greatest advantages of learning this way is you can learn what took someone 5 years to figure out in a matter of minutes! Compress your time frame by being prepared and you’ll be amazed at how much more you get out of it!

3. Take advantage of the experience 

When you’re in the middle of chaos it’s easy to get caught up in the things that aren’t working (the little annoying things that get the best of all of us sometimes). DON’T BE THAT PERSON! Train your brain to look for something to learn or something to do. When I start to get overwhelmed I will say out loud “What could I be doing differently here?” or “How can I turn this around?”. This requires an awareness of when you’re starting to get into a negative state and practice of using your brain in a different way. This can have a massive ripple effect in every area of your life and then who knows…maybe one day people will be coming to you asking how you managed to make such an incredible change😉

4. ENJOY! 

Are you one of those people who hates being bored? Or is it hard for you to get motivated? Either way when you’re in the middle of a transition you’ll find yourself having WAY too much time on your hands or being so insanely busy you feel like you can’t breathe. Whatever happens, be grateful. If you’re insanely busy remember how annoying it is being bored and be grateful you have something to keep you going. If you’re bored out of your mind remember how stressful being insanely busy can be and CHOOSE to be grateful for the experience of having time in your favour. When you’re going through a change you’re taking on the unknown, new patterns, new routines, new people, all of it. Help yourself make the most of it by CHOOSING TO MAKE where you are (and how you feel) ok so you can move forward from that place. It’s been my experience that if you do nothing but bitch about what you don’t like or what you think should be different then things will stay the same or get worse. So make a decision that where you are ok, be grateful and allow yourself to move forward.

Hope this helps! xx