After landing safe in Bali, trips like these have got me thinking about all the ins and outs of traveling and how you navigate them. I was bored on the plane (shocker) and figured I’d write about how to travel smart and what’s helped me get through airpots with ease.

Travel Tips & Organisation

Am I the only one who thinks the security line is the THE most anxious place I’ve ever been?! You’re trying to keep up while trying to take everything out of your bag and pockets. Here’s how to make that process WAY smoother.


Traveling to the States? Chances are you’ll want shoes that you can take on and off really easily. Traveling to Asia? Make sure you check if you need a preauthorised visa so you’re not facing a fine or potential denied entry to the country (BEEN THERE- tell you the story another time). Leaving Australia? Check which liquids you can bring and have them ready in one place to take out.
Here are my go to strategies:


* Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off. I LOVE my Toms. They have men’s and women’s styles, keep my feel warm and are comfy as if running to a different gate to make connections is necessary.


* Organise your liquids/gels/aerosols. Chances are you might be asked to take these out separately. Have a small makeup/ziploc bag (or put them all together in a specific compartment) so they’re easy to grab when you’re keeping up with the security line. I love clear bags for this as they make it easy to show security what you’re taking out. Any drugstore will have them.


* Electronics – cell phones aren’t as big a deal anymore, airports seem to be more relaxed with them being in your bag. Laptops and tabs on the other hand will need to be taken out of their case and put through in their own tray. Have your laptop out before hitting the line!! I love a simple over the shoulder laptop bag that also has a handle, even if it does fit  in my backpack I’ll carry it separately because it’s so much more convenient.


* Lose the accessories – metal detectors are a bitch. Ditch the bangles, loose change, layered necklaces, fancy earrings…less is definitely more when traveling. Also be aware if you’re wearing a belt or a watch as you’ll most likely have to take it off.

If you like to bring healthy snacks that’s amazing! Airport food can be expensive and tempting. However make sure you check what food is allowed. Some airports won’t allow you to bring fruit, nuts or supplements. It could save you having to throw out your food AND buy airport food.

The main things you need to be comfortable on a flight:

Water bottle that fits in your carry on bag

Pack an EMPTY water bottle! Don’t even bother putting anything in it until you’re at your gate (if you’re super thirsty) or better yet on the plane.
If you haven’t learned already, those little cups go fast! Unless you’re in first class you will get thirsty. Inside a plane is almost all recycled air so it’s a particularly dehydrating environment. I love my one from nutrition warehouse, or anything that holds 750mL or bigger ☺️ I feel like this is always nice for the flight attendants as well because they don’t have to check up on you as often. And since they’re the gatekeepers to that free upgrade to first class it pays to be on their good side😜

Noise canceling headphones

I understand these can be a bit of an investment but TRUST ME they’re worth it. Weather you’re allotting time at home to listen to a podcast to improve your life or trying to tune out the engine noise on a plane, these things really help you focus in on what you’re listening to. I use mine every day when I’m doing my morning cardio as well because I know it’ll tune out the voice in my head that says I’m too tired to work out. They’re also designed to be super comfy so you won’t get that annoying feeling when you’ve had ear buds in too long. Definite must when it comes to comfortable travel. I love my Marshall ones👌 Had them for ages and never had an issue.

Different wallet

You don’t need your whole wallet when you leave home! Chances are you wont be buying groceries or needing all your reward cards. Enjoy lightening the load! I have a smaller travel wallet I bring with me (I think I got it as a free gift years ago with a clothing purchase). The only things I keep in it is some cash, ID and my main credit/debit/eftpos card I’ll be using on the trip. If it fits your passport even better☺️


I leaned this one the hard way. Airports can be tricky business, you think you’ll be arrived and on your plane within a 1-2 hour period, however there could be delays, oversold flights or delays in regards to people experiencing health emergencies. Lugging around your essentials in a shoulder bag will slowly and painfully wreck your back, neck and shoulders. A backpack evens out the weight and you’ll be happy you did it. I have an Osprey set that is my go to.


Ok, I know the traditional advice is to always have a jacket while traveling (and I usually do) but if you don’t have a flattering comfy go to jacket it can be annoying. Bringing a nice jacket on the plane while you’re in your leggings or wearing an old sweatshirt that you normally never leave the house in can be awkward. I LOVE my Lululemon scarf. They’re big but not too big, have moisture wicking material and actually have snaps so you can open it up and make it into a blanket if needed. LIFESAVER!! Planes can be cold!


Pressure can do weird things to our ears especially if you hit turbulence. Something to keep your jaw moving and swallowing will help your ears pop and keep your breath fresh for your neighbours.

Baby wipes

I literally could write a thank you song to the person who invented baby wipes. You can use these for your hands after eating, to refresh your face, clean up a spill or as toilet paper. You can even give yourself a ‘baby wipe shower’ on long haul flights – lets be real – who here wishes that person with the bad BO just knew about baby wipes!? You don’t need the whole package either, take as many as you need in a ziploc bag (they’ll keep their moisture) and you’re good to go.

Remember to SMILE!

Smile at your neighbours, flight attendants, security and definitely the pilots. We all know flying can suck, right? Don’t we all have that friend that goes on vacation and all they talk about is how atrocious their flight was? I secretly want to tell that person to SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’m not saying its always perfect but the world we live in today is pretty amazing. The fact that you can fly from Australia to Canada in 20 (or so) hours gives us opportunities our great grandparents (and maybe even grandparents) never had. Do your part to make the experience pleasant. Treat people the way you’d want be treated and remember that some people handle traveling differently. That person you thought was being rude might be on medication due to anxiety attacks. Remember that different cultures have different levels of norms when it comes to talking volume, personal hygiene and personal space. Take this as an opportunity to learn about how people operate differently. And just breathe when things get frustrating🙌🏻

One more thing…

Be aware of drinking alcohol on planes. The elevation can really intensify your reaction and the last thing you want is to be sick or disoriented when you’re landing somewhere and have to go through customs. If you are drinking try and stand up or walk around after each drink to see how your body is handling it. Alcohol is also a diuretic which means it’s going to make you have to go to the bathroom more often and let’s be real – if you’re in the window seat you don’t want to be that guy.