So have you ever read a book that completely changed the way you looked at something? Like a whole different perspective you didn’t even know existed? This just happened to me and I can’t not write about it. My boyfriend’s mom lent me the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. I have to admit, at first glance I wasn’t really sure how interesting this could be. Tidying? Really? I’m pretty sure I know how to clean up after myself. As I read on this is not just about cleaning up after yourself, but treating your possessions as if they’re an integral part of your day to day life. This book changed the way I thought about my space, clothes, furniture & pretty much any possession I own. Most importantly (and most surprisingly) it changed the way I viewed myself. Here’s 3 key things that stood out for me and why you should ABSOLUTELY read this book. It only took me about 3 days to get through as well ☺️

1. You only need to tidy once. Like once in a lifetime.

When I first read this I had no idea how this was possible. Don’t you need to put things away everyday? Not with Marie’s method. Cleaning and tidying are different, obviously cleaning should be done regularly but tidying however can be done correctly once, and you’ll never have to worry about things getting unorganised again. Seriously, it’s such a different way of approaching the subject and makes complete sense once you read it!

2. Keep things because you love them, not because they were expensive, or they were a gift, etc..

So we all know to clean out our closets once in a while to see what we’re actually wearing, maybe it’s when we move or if you’re an avid spring cleaner you’ll do it then. This book shows you how to go through your entire house (category by category) and how to identify the things you love and the things that can be discarded. Her discarding method is awesome! It not only makes you feel glad to be lightening your load but Marie gives you tips to ensure you’ve made the right decision and isn’t pushy.

3. It’s gonna make you think about life – a lot! 

One of my favorite parts of the book is when Marie talks about how she enjoyed tidying from her kindergarten days. People would say to her ‘You’re so lucky you always knew what you wanted to do!’ She goes on to explain that she did many other things before becoming a pioneer in this industry, but when she did become a professional tidier (didn’t even know that existed until this book) it rang true that this was something that was always came naturally to her. She encourages the reader to look back to what we were naturally drawn to in school, and notice if our career today reflects those qualities. Also, if you read the book and do your tidying based on her methods, you’ll notice that what you keep is a reflection of what you truly love. All the books you decided to keep were centered around personal stories or human development? Chances are you might have more of an interest in psychology than you realise.

I can honestly say I did not have high hopes for this book but have been so grateful for the peace it’s brought to my life! Such a great example of someone pioneering an industry that many would think NOBODY would ever pay for. Marie’s got sold out seminars, wait lists, best selling books all with ZERO repeat clients. Once you use her methods you have a guarantee your space (and in turn, your personal happiness) will be changed forever. I’ve already crossed off two of the categories (my clothes & my bathroom) and seriously CANNOT BELIEVE the difference! Ok, raving review done. But seriously, read the book. A huge thank you to my amazing mother in law for always keeping great literature on hand