Want amazing, lasting changes in your body that will blow your mind? There’s a secret to workouts that everyone can utilise.

If you’re human, you’re built to be an athlete. Think about the way we survived back in the hunter and gatherer days – we always had to be able to haul ass if a saber tooth tiger entered the village. If  you’re a woman, you are designed to be an elite athlete due to the fact that  if that saber tooth tiger came, you have the instinct to grab the kids and run.

Hello resistance training!

As much as this might make sense, I’m sure you’ve seen one or two people in your life (or maybe today) that look like they couldn’t be further from having an athletic composition. So what gives? Why do some people seem to be able to maintain a great physique and their health while others can’t seem to make it work?

Obviously there is a MASSIVE nutrition component to this but I’m going to focus on the exercise part, because that’s what I’ve become really proficient at. Read on below to see a fantastic way to lean yourself out & make your workouts more effective.


If you’re going to work out, work out hard and properly. If that means you only go to the gym once a week for now, go once a week but GO HARD when you go. Personally, I’ve never trained in a gym setting more than 3 days/week and I think you can achieve all the results you want from that.

Having said that, I get outside every day to go for light impact cardio (jog, walk, etc) for the mental benefits. Once you start, you feel so good it’ll be hard to stop! Consider yourself warned.

When you’re in the gym, make a point to bring your body to failure. What does that mean? It means if you’re on the treadmill, stay away from the steady state cardio.

Alternate between getting to the point where you can’t breathe and are gasping, then bring it back to a slow jog/walk recovery. You want to feel like your tank has been completely used up, as if there’s nothing left in those moments to exert. I wouldn’t recommend going longer than 20 minutes doing cardio intervals as that will usually bring all the results you could ever want. Include a 2 minute warm up and a 2 minute cool down.

A great outline is: 

  • 2-5 Minute Warm Up

This is a pace you could maintain for 20 minutes, however after 3-4 minutes you should feel an increased heart rate and increased circulation. 


  • 2 Minute Push

This is a pace you can hold for MAX 3 minutes, after 2 minutes you should be breathing heavily & feel a drastic increase in heart rate. 

  • 1 Minute Back to Base Pace

This is probably the same as your warm up pace. One key thing to improving your cardio is learning to recover while running. It’s more of a mental game than anything, but just remember that if you can find your breath, you can find your pace. 

  • 1 Minute All Out

This is your max effort. You could not possibly go more than 1 minute at this pace and you should be spent by the end of the minute. 

  • 1 Minute Walk & Recovery

Walk at 3-4 mph after the all out run to bring your heart rate down and allow your body to recover. 

Repeat the above until you’ve hit the 20 minute mark. 

If you’re doing strength training, go to the point that you feel you couldn’t do one more rep, and then do one more. Only do this WHILE maintaining perfect form. A trainer or a gym partner comes in quite handy here. Weights will give you that lean body composition & improve your metabolism while the intensive cardio melts away fat & strengthens your heart.


A fantastic resource is to head to Boss Babe Movement, founded by the one and only Ashley Resch. The Boss Babe community is so supportive and will teach you everything you need to know about how to navigate your way around a gym.

Is there any type of workout you swear by? Comment below, can’t wait to hear 🙂