Drop Stubborn Belly Fat Without Changing Your Routine? Read On…

Ok, we all have problem areas. For me, one of this definitely used to be my stomach. Even when I would get really small I lacked tone and definition and often wondered what the hell I was doing wrong?!

Enter, the sauna belt. This genius device wraps around your stomach, secured by velcro. It feels like the same sort of material that wet suits are made of.


It heats up your core, improving circulation and damn do you sweat! It helps release all the water weight and within a month you’ll see results. Like dammmmmnnnnnnnn results. If you wrap your stomach with glad wrap underneath it will show even better results, causing the area to heat up quicker and release more water weight.

I use the McDavid one I found on Amazon, however there are lots of variations of these. My advice is look at the reviews, the poorly made ones will have issues with the velcro wearing out. Here is how you use this magical device:

  1. Put on your sports bra & workout pants
  2. Wrap your stomach in Glad wrap
  3. Wrap your sauna belt over top of the glad wrap. Mine sits on the waistband of my leggings
  4. Go do your thing!

You can wear this walking, working out, gardening, doing chores…whatever you want really. The best results come from wearing it while doing an intense workout, you’ll see when you take it off! Do not wear it sleeping. Go get one! You’ll be so happy you did.

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